Jill Bjers


A true Jill-of-all-trades: mother, wife, author/playwright, organizer, and travel junkie. Jill’s 20+ years working for an airline has helped feed her curiosity about people and cultures while giving her the flexibility to raise her son and explore the world. During this time, Jill founded Open Charlotte, led Code for America’s volunteer brigade, and continues to help organize TEDxCharlotte. She loves to speak worldwide about tech, community, and civic engagement. It’s not just the speaking that excites her (though she has always been a talker), but the opportunity to create a broader community. Her work focuses on assisting people in sharing their stories and promoting advocacy. With a love of storytelling and a curiosity about people, it’s no surprise she has found her interests colliding as a co-host for the Work It podcast. When she isn’t working or trying to tackle an endless to-do list, Jill loves to bake and teach her cat Spanish.