If there’s one thing that being stationary at home for months on end has taught us, it’s essential to stay physically active and get plenty of exercise.

Exercise is crucial for our physical health and our mental health, which is why we need to do everything in our power to stay active, even when we don’t have access to a gym or even open space.

When we find ourselves staying home to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, currently sweeping the globe, we still need to remain active. If you’re beginning to feel the strain of spending so much time in one spot, we’ve got a few suggestions that should help.

Here’s a look at how to stay active while stuck in one place.

Turn household chores into challenges

If you are stuck at home during yet another lockdown and find yourself missing the gym and going stir crazy in the process, it’s essential to keep your mind active along with your body.

A great way of helping to pass the time, get some exercise, be productive, and enjoy a sense of achievement in the process is to turn household chores into challenges.

A photo of a woman cleaning the kitchen

If, for example, you have to clean the kitchen, and typically it takes you one hour, set yourself a challenge of doing it in 45-minutes or less.

Okay, it’s not as exciting as running an obstacle race or taking part in an assault course, but it helps turn an ordinarily mundane task into a bit of a challenge. Plus, you’ll burn more calories and be more active, and once you’ve finished, the sense of accomplishment will improve your mental health too.

Whether it’s cleaning, cutting the grass, weeding the garden, repairing the fence, or anything else, why not try to turn it into a challenge to help ramp up the calories and stay active?

Invest in an outdoor trampoline

Exercise isn’t always fun, and if you find the thought of jogging around the block as appealing as walking on hot coals, why not find an activity you do enjoy doing at home instead?

Just because you’re at home and stuck in the same spot, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself in the process.

Lately, outdoor trampolines such as the Wonder Maxi Mini Fitness Trampoline have proved to be very popular amongst people stuck at home during lockdowns.

An outdoor trampoline can provide excellent exercise. You not only get some much needed cardiovascular exercise, but you can also tone your muscles while bouncing. Weather permitting can also get some fresh air and hopefully absorb some rays from the sun for much-needed vitamin D production.

These trampolines are great as they’re lightweight, portable, safe, and they’re great for making your workouts more enjoyable and fun.

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Consider taking up yoga

When we think of being active, we often think of working up a sweat by taking part in a high-intensity workout that gets the blood pumping and heart beating.

Person standing on a yoga mat while they roll it out

That isn’t always the case, though. Sometimes it’s better to enjoy low-intensity, a slow-paced exercise that promotes mental wellbeing as well as physical. Yoga can be so useful for this.

Yoga is great, especially now during a pandemic where stress levels are likely elevated. It helps to promote relaxation and increase endorphin production while also keeping you flexible, toning the muscles, and gently burning calories.

Get involved with the family

If you live with your family, another great way of being more active in one place is to get everybody involved and make a game of it.

You could play a ball game in the garden, take part in an online dance class in the living room, go for a walk or bike ride together, or anything else for that matter, as long as it’s active and it gets you all involved.

Mom and child playing with balloons in the living room

Having other people involved will help make it more enjoyable, plus it can add a competitive element, as well, so you will all likely work that little bit harder.