The team from Arcturus is used to inclement weather, hailing from Washington State. Their light-weight blankets feature a waterproof outer layer coupled with an aluminum reflective inner layer. The blanket comes in its own carry bag and weighs one pound, and measures 5’ x 7’ when fully deployed.

We’ve used this blanket on numerous occasions in the heat and the cold. Some reviewers complain about the strength of seams and fabric, though we’ve yet to see our blankets rip or grommets tear out.

This blanket fits easily in a daypack, it comes with its own storage pouch and packs down relatively thin.

A photo of a man sitting on top of an Arcturus blanket while underneath another blanket

You can easily bring two of these blankets to protect yourself from the elements. One as a ground shelter and another as a tarp. For the price, weight, and durability, you simply cannot beat these tarps.

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